14 Digital Product and Service Ideas to Help Take You from £0 to £1 in Revenue

Robert Gillespie
3 min readMay 27, 2022

I recently carried out some research into how many different digital product and service ideas were out there.

And to be honest, once I got to 136, I gave up. It’s no wonder some aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs never get started as they are simply overwhelmed with choices. They see the “gurus” creating these fancy courses and launches and think they can’t do that.

So where do you start when you are looking to create your first digital product?

Here are 14 ways to monetise your knowledge with digital products & services:

1/ Ebooks

Simple to get started. Open up Google Docs, write your content, export it as a PDF and you have your Ebook.

2/ Group Coaching

Run group coaching over Zoom with large groups. I run an 8-week marketing accelerator course this way. Each week I focus on teaching a different area of marketing for 1 hour with 30 mins for Q&A.

3/ 1–2–1 coaching

You might have a similar area of expertise as the group coaching, but with 1–2–1 you are personalising the coaching to the student and their specific problems and situation.

4/ Digital Workshops

I use Workshops to focus on tackling a specific topic with break out rooms to get everyone working together to solve similar problems. It’s more interactive. Something I’ve done before was a workshop on “How to Build Your First WordPress Website in 4 hours”.

5/ Online course

Probably the most familiar is an online course where you teach your area of expertise using modules and lessons via video. This is really scalable as you are not teaching live — record once and sell forever.

6/ Live Summit

Summits are typically a live Zoom webinar where your target audience comes to watch different experts present on a number of topics related to one key theme. It could be a Content Marketing Summit for example, where a variety of speakers teach different areas of content marketing.

7/ Mastermind

A mastermind is usually a small group of like-minded experts who get together to help each other grow their business. They share best practices and insights into what is working well in their business right now. This is usually high ticket and limited to no more than 10–12 people.

8/ Paid Podcast

If recording audio is your thing, then you could easily record a mini audio series teaching on one of your areas of expertise and charge for it.

9/ Templates

If you have a system, process or framework you regularly use that others would find helpful — you could create a template and sell it. Notion templates are super popular just now. I just built out a roadmap and project plan for my next digital product using Notion which other Digital Entrepreneurs would likely find helpful.

12/ Cheatsheets

I’ve seen many people sell cheatsheets that contain things like “100 Headline Templates” or “50 Best Subject Lines”. If you have a cheat sheet of sorts, you could package that up like an Ebook and sell it easily.

13/ Email course

If you have valuable advice that can be broken down into micro-lessons — a great way to monetise that knowledge is by creating a simple email course. This could be 10 micro-lessons that drip out by email one day at a time over 10 days.

14/ Membership site

If you want to build a community around one core topic or theme — say Fitness for Women — you could create a membership site and charge members a recurring monthly subscription. You can run these inside Facebook, Circle or Slack.

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