3 Creative ‘Blog Openers’ To Help You Get Started On Your Next Piece of Writing (without staring at the dreaded blank page)

Robert Gillespie
2 min readMay 25, 2022

Over the last few years, I’ve started to keep a ‘Blog Opener’ swipe file on Evernote.

A blog opener is a bit like a subject line in an email. If the subject line doesn’t grab your attention and hook you in, then you ain’t opening the email. And if you don’t have a good blog opener, the chances of the rest of your content being read are low.

You can also use variations of these openers in social media posts, and they work really well as different openers on the same topic too if you want to get creative.

Here’s just 3 of my favourite openers to get you inspired:

1. The “Yeah? Right!” Question

Example: You know when you see the same objection over and over again to someone buying your digital course? (Yeah?). That’s usually a sign you haven’t fully understood your customer’s problem and you need to tweak your offer. (Right. Got it!)

This method works great cause you are bridging the gap between something the reader already knows with something they don’t — which become the lessons in your article.

2. Use an analogy

Example: Launching a new digital course is kinda like a Formula 1 pit stop — there are a lot of different pieces in play that need to be ready to go at the same time for it to be successful.

This method leads you nicely into talking about the ‘different pieces’ that you need to launch a digital business.

3. Raise the stakes

Example: Chris Smart is about to spend £1k and max out his personal credit card to pay for digital advertising to help launch his first online course.

The one problem? He’s never run a paid ad in his life before.

He’s worked in content marketing for years and seen some of his colleagues run Facebook Ads, but now he needs to learn the basics of online advertising…and fast!

This method instantly pulls you into the life of Christ Smart like a good movie. He’s about to take a huge risk and you want to know he will be ok. It’s time to share some tips that will help Chris Smart run his ads so he doesn’t lose that £1k in vain.

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