3 of The Best Email Marketing Platforms For Early Stage Digital Entrepreneurs To Help Start & Grow An Online Business

Robert Gillespie
2 min readMay 21, 2022


An email marketing platform is an essential piece of marketing technology for Digital Entrepreneurs.

You need one to start building your list through contact forms and landing pages. You need one to send emails to engage your audience with your latest content. And you need one to make offers to your audience when you launch new digital products or services.

One not so obvious benefit is your email list is an asset you own — unline Facebook and Instagram — who can boot you off their platform whenever they want.

Start and grow your online business with one of these three email marketing platforms:

#1 — ConvertKit

If you’re thinking of starting an online business, and want to build an email list to test an idea for a digital course, then Convert Kit is a great choice to get you started for free. You get a free landing page with an opt-in form built in, so your prospects can join your course waiting list and receive notifications from you when you have new updates. Convertkit.com

#2 — Mailchimp

I have to admit, I’m not Mailchimp’s biggest fan due to its confusing interface, however, it’s hard to deny its popularity as an effective email marketing platform for starting your online business. It’s affordable, with paid plans starting at £9/$11 for your first 500 contacts. It’s also packed with features I do love and it has an easy to use email builder. They also have some great free resources. Mailchimp.com

#3 — Active Campaign

Personally, this is my favourite email marketing platform. It has the right blend of beginner email marketing tools and features coupled with advanced automation you’ll love as your business grows. It’s also won numerous awards as the best small business email marketing platform. And when it comes to sending emails, it has a great builder tool you’ll master in no time. Prices again start around the $9 mark. Activecampaign.com

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