3 of The Best Email Marketing Platforms For Early Stage Digital Entrepreneurs To Help Start & Grow An Online Business

An email marketing platform is an essential piece of marketing technology for Digital Entrepreneurs.

You need one to start building your list through contact forms and landing pages. You need one to send emails to engage your audience with your latest content. And you need one to make offers to your audience when you launch new digital products or services.

One not so obvious benefit is your email list is an asset you own — unline Facebook and Instagram — who can boot you off their platform whenever they want.

Start and grow your online business with one of these three email marketing platforms:

#1 — ConvertKit

#2 — Mailchimp

#3 — Active Campaign

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Robert Gillespie

I write about Digital Entrepreneurship, Marketing and @Notionhq | Currently Vice President of Marketing @JPMorgan Chase | UK Entrepreneur of The Year final