A.I. Marketing 101: Maurice Conti’s 5 Top Tips For Getting Started as a Beginner with A.I. Marketing

Robert Gillespie
6 min readMar 15, 2023

Over the past couple of months, I’ve spent about £500 on A.I. marketing courses.

Not because I’m gullible to the latest trend (A.I. isn’t a trend, it’s been around for 70 years)…no, I invested the money because I wanted to accelerate my own learning in the field of A.I. and specifically how it relates to marketing.

I wanted to learn firsthand how A.I. marketing tools can help me to be more productive and effective in what I do so I can deliver more value, faster.

Another reason for investing money is that I have a lot of experience in the marketing and entrepreneurship space.

But…when I start to dip my toes into areas where I don’t know all the facts, like the world of A.I. Marketing, I don’t want to start making statements that just make me look stupid.

Back to the courses.

One of the courses had a live presentation and Q&A with Maurice Conti.

Maurice has one of the most watched Ted Talks on A.I. with over 5 million views and has a client base that includes Nike, Disney, Amazon, Tesla and the Japanese Government.

Not bad eh 🤯

His team also designed and built:

  • The first A.I. controlled large-scale metal 3D printer
  • One of the first real-time digital twins of a robotic work cell
  • The first biophysical accurate digital twin of a human athlete

But what’s this all got to do with marketing?

Well, Maurice spent a lot of time talking to us about A.I. language models and what we’re calling Generative A.I.

Generative A.I. is the thing that’s got everyone talking over the last few months. That’s what ChatGPT is — a generative A.I. language model.

The funny thing is, ChatGPT has been around for 6 or 7 years. But only now has the public had access to it — and that’s the key thing here.


It’s the first time ever that an A.I. tool has been democratized and available for use by anyone for free. It is why there has been so much hype.

So much hype, that ChatGPT reached 100m users in its first two months after launch. UBS said “The rate of growth was unprecedented for a consumer app”.

However, A.I. marketing tools that write content and copy for you have been around for a while now, Jasper being one of the most popular along with Copy.ai.

But with the explosion of ChatGPT, a breakthrough moment has occurred.

However, knowing these tools exist is one thing, actually knowing how to apply them in your role or business is another thing.

Yes, we can all run some simple ChatGPT prompts like…

“Write a 500-word article on how to train for a marathon including 5 top tips”…

…and get an article done for you in less than 30 seconds.

But how does this really fit into your bigger-picture marketing strategy?

How can it help you achieve your marketing or business objectives?

How can A.I. help you become more effective at what you do?

How can it help you to create more revenue or reduce costs?

I like to think of A.I. marketing tools a bit like email. If you were to take email away from me, I would be less effective at what I do.

A.I. for the next few years will just be a tool like email.

It’s not magic.

You can’t just sprinkle A.I. across your marketing or business and suddenly you’re more profitable.

That’s just not how it works.

A.I. is just a tool and it will make you better at what you do if you choose to do so.

So what did I learn from listening to Maurice Conti?

Here’s my 5 takeaways to help you get started with A.I. Marketing (backed by Maurice Conti):

#1 — Experiment on your own.

Stop listening to all the news and hype and what you see in your news feed. Spend 45 minutes playing around with ChatGPT (it’s free) and you’ll be an expert compared to all of your friends and the vast majority of your peers. Sign up for a free trial of Jasper or Copy.ai.

Afterwards, you can speak for yourself on: Here’s what I learned, here are the challenges and here’s how I think we could use this in our business for the better.

#2 — Create your own A.I. Marketing toolkit

Whilst you’ve likely seen all the talk about A.I. and ChatGPT everywhere — in reality, this field is so open for individuals to create opportunities for themselves or at their companies.

There are new A.I. marketing tools popping up every week (trust me I have a library full of them and they are only going to get better).

What will be key is the deployment of these tools and knowing which ones to use and how to use them together like your own A.I. marketing suite or toolkit you can deploy to solve a number of different problems at any given time.

#3 — Don’t consider A.I. as a threat to your job. It’s your competition you need to be worrying about

A.I. will take over all the jobs!!! These are the ridiculous headlines we are all reading about.

Want to know the real threat?

The real threat is your competitor or fellow marketer down the road who is going to learn about these tools and use them effectively in their business to better effect than you are…that’s how you will get left behind if you ignore A.I.

Think Email vs Faxes. Who won that battle? Don’t get left behind!!!

Get on ChatGPT now, it’s free. Ask it to “Write me a 500-word essay on how to market my business using email and social media” as a starter for ten.

Get curious, get passionate and run experiments.

(Buyer beware — fact-check everything…which leads me nicely to my next point)

#4 — Think of A.I. Tools as your sidekick

Super important point.

Think of ChatGPT as your sidekick in the car, your passenger. You are driving. You know where you are going. You know what you are going to do when you get there. You can have a conversation with it and it can help you out along the way.

Yes, it can write copy, but you are in the driving seat and you have to add in that level of creativity.

A.I. language models can write WITH you — it should not be writing for you. This is the key!!!

A.I. tools do not know your brand, what’s going on in the marketplace, or how your competitor is marketing their business and how you plan to beat them.

#5 — Get specific with the problem you want A.I. tools to solve

A very simple example.

Imagine two marketing teams in the same company working side by side. One is using A.I. marketing tools and the other is not. The one using the tools will always perform better and be more effective.

They can use these tools to research ideas faster, run experiments, knock content out quicker. So think of using A.I. to make you and your teams 20% better.

I liken it to listening to an audiobook at 1.5x speed. At that speed, I can listen to more content, faster.

A.I. tools can help you to solve some problems you are facing or just help you get unstuck.

Think about all these tools in a way where you can ask it “What problems are you trying to solve?” Is that a presentation, some graphics, music, video, ad copy, content, social posts, etc…GET SPECIFIC WITH YOUR PROBLEM then pick out the tool you need to help you solve your problem.



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