ADKAR: How To Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Today I want to share a powerful marketing framework with you called ADKAR.

It’s an acronym for the five stages your audience needs to go through for a change (a purchase🤞 ) to be successful: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.

The thinking behind ADKAR is that “Organisational change requires individual change.” So it’s often used when large-scale changes need to take place across organisations with multiple personas.

From a marketing perspective, however, I like to use ADKAR to help me think strategically about how I am going to market and create content for different personas who are at different stages along the buyer’s journey. How do I move them forward?

Unfortunately, a lot of beginner marketers don’t think strategically about content creation and user journeys — which leads to confused prospects who don’t buy from you.

The five building blocks of the ADKAR Model:

Step 1: Awareness of the need for change

Step 2: Desire to participate and support the change

Step 3: Knowledge on how to change

Step 4: Ability to implement desired skills and behaviours

Step 5: Reinforcement to sustain the change

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Robert Gillespie

I write about Digital Entrepreneurship, Marketing and @Notionhq | Currently Vice President of Marketing @JPMorgan Chase | UK Entrepreneur of The Year final