How To Plan Your Next Digital Product Launch Using Just Notion

Robert Gillespie
2 min readMay 30, 2022

I’m currently planning for my next digital course launch in mid-July 😬

But with so many tasks to complete, I could easily get overwhelmed and give up. So to avoid that situation and build momentum, I like to break down my work and make it visual using Agile ways of working. And for this launch, I have decided to use Notion.

But what does this all look like in practice?

3 simple ways to break down your next product launch with Notion (inc examples)

First piece of advice: Keep it simple.

Thankfully Notion has a great ‘Roadmap’ template to help you do just that.

Here’s the 3 key parts:


Epics are usually the ‘Big Rocks’ or larger projects you’re looking to work on that have multiple tasks inside them.

Example: I have 3 Epics on my roadmap currently:

  • Build my new website
  • Create a new lead magnet
  • Develop my social media strategy for product launch


Now that our Epics are defined, we need to identify the tasks that map back to each of the Epics.

Example: So for my Epic of ‘Building a new website’, I have several tasks:

  • New home page
  • New Course page
  • Add a payment page

Each task has a status: ‘Not started’, ‘In progress’, or ‘Complete’ to help keep you on track.

Notion has a really nice ‘Staus View’ to let you see what stage each task is at.

Sprint Status

Now that we have our tasks, we need to prioritise this work into what is called ‘Sprints’.

Sprints are just a period of time where at the end you can show something of value. They help you stay focused on shipping work. I personally work in 2 weeks sprints.

So for each task, I decide what I can realistically complete in a 2 week period — then mark those tasks against Sprint 1. If I can realistically build out the new home page and the new course page in the next 2 weeks, I mark them as Sprint 1.

But I can’t fit in the payment page work, I would move that into Sprint 2.

Notion has a great ‘Sprint view’ to see how all of your tasks are mapped across all of your Sprints. This helps you to visualise future work.

And that’s it!

If this was of interest let me know and I’ll record a short video showing you inside my Notion system.

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