The 10 Characteristics of a Successful Digital Entrepreneur

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently…

What actually makes a successful Digital Entrepreneur? What do they all have in common? Is there anything in common?

After teaching many early-stage Digital Entrepreneurs how to start and grow an online business over the years, I thought I would document my beliefs about what makes a successful Digital Entrepreneur. Here are my 10 characteristics:

Digital Entrepreneurs…

#2 — Are problem solvers who think about how to deliver additional value to customers who want more from them (How to create an ascension model)

#3 — Leverage ‘no code’ marketing technology to quickly build digital products and services, create offers and process payments…

#4 — Are content creators who can create and distribute endless pieces of content from one piece of pillar content…(How to create endless pieces of content from one video)

#5 — Continually test new digital product ideas through frequent offers and placing small bets, doubling double down on what’s working through data-driven insights…

#6 — Have integrity and always deliver on their promises…

#7 — Are always inspired into action (without fear) knowing they have enormous value to offer…

#8 — They pre-sell new digital products before they build them…(monetise before you make it)

#9 — Think like category creators. They offer something of value that’s different, not just better, cheaper or faster.

#10 — Use storytelling to engage their audience, solve problems and sell solutions…(Why entrepreneurs tell stories to help them win in business)

Anything else you would add?

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Robert Gillespie

I write about Digital Entrepreneurship, Marketing and @Notionhq | Currently Vice President of Marketing @JPMorgan Chase | UK Entrepreneur of The Year final